Fasten your seatbelts as you're introduced to transformers

Every year a new architecture will be introduced, which will be considered as State of the Art (SOTA) but some of this architecture will leave a major impact on every other domain. Language Modelling tasks such as language translation, question answering… have been considered as major NLP tasks as research is primarily focussed on these areas.

From the 2000s there has been a sudden increase of methodologies in the Natural Language processing, be it LSTM, RNN, Attention Mechanism which has created an impact not only in NLP domain, it has helped the other domain areas such as computer vision to…

This is a step by step implementation of Language translation using convolution seq2seq learning in Pytorch.

Please find the notebook for the above implementation.

This is basically taken from the convolutions sequence to sequence learning paper by Facebook Research team.

The code is being taken from the Charon Guo.

This session will be divided into four parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Encoder
  3. Decoder
  4. Inference and Future Scope


Since 2014, there has been tremendous improvement in language modelling and machine translation tasks. …

Predicting the next event is a wish everyone tries to achieve.

It has major benefits in the fields of Stock Markets, Movies, Artists, Gambling, Language and arts, Language modelling, understanding genome sequences, medical signals.

I wish I had this technicality in my brain where I can activate the function in order to predict the next move or an event based on past data.

Maybe in the future, we might find this kind of tech in our brains using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for creating Shakespeare poems, speeches, stories, movies and so on.

Sounds Sci-fi !!!

Now let us…


Did you Ever Think of where does all the garbage go after you dump into your dustbin or your local garbage collection unit?


But, If you said Yes then you are the saviors of the universe.

As we all know, The world generates at least 1.3 billion tons of plastic and other solid waste a day, 10 times the amount a century ago, according to World Bank researchers. It is yet too difficult to imagine 1.3 billion tons of waste. …


Whenever we come across deep learning libraries we hear Keras, TensorFlow, Pytorch and so many other libraries. In my view, Pytorch is a great library to start learning and implementing an algorithm which runs with high computation.

Tensor is similar to the multidimensional array in Numpy lib. The main advantage of Pytorch over Numpy is Pytorch can be used in GPU to accelerate the computing power.

We are going to look into basic functions and syntax operation on Pytorch.

- torch.rand()

- torch.reshape()

- torch.linspace()

- torch.unbind()

- torch.arange()

# Import torch and other required modules
import torch

Function 1 — torch.rand()

This function…

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